Freight Bill

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Freight Bill Definition

A freight bill is a document or invoice that lists the costs and services for freight shipping. They are less important than a bill of lading but still necessary to show the accurate costs and receipt of payment for services.

It's important to know that freight bills can't serve as evidence in court if there's a legal dispute. Only a bill of lading can do that.

What Does a Freight Bill List?

A freight bill lists the following information: 

  • Date
  • Shipper name
  • Freight description
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Freight Weight
  • Freight Specs
  • Cosigner Name
  • Consignee Name
  • Accessorial charges
  • Additional charges or fees

The shipper and carrier are required to sign a freight bill.

The Essentials to Understanding Freight Shipping

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