Pup Trailer Trucking

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What’s Pup Trailer Trucking?

Pup trailer trucking is the use of  26-29 feet long pup trailers to ship cargo from one location to another. Pup trailer trucking is mainly used in urban areas where the roads are congested and hard to maneuver using standard trailers. The advantage of pup trailer trucking is that your goods are delivered to your doorstep. In addition, pup trailer trucking is reliable because drivers can use different routes to avoid traffic. That means your load is delivered safely and on time.

Pup Trailer Trucking

Pup trailer trucking can be utilized when shipping dry goods, home products, dirt, coal, construction building materials, and home building products. Dry goods are shipped using enclosed pup trailers to be protected from snow, debris, and rain. Coal and construction building materials are transported using dump truck pups. Pup trailers transport large equipment and machinery that can’t fit on a standard trailer but can be broken down. When shipping LTL goods, pup trailer trucking services come in handy because you’re able to utilize the space at an affordable cost.

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