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What’s the use of reefers?

A reefer is a refrigerated shipping container and ship used to transport perishable goods such as flowers, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish, and meat. These temperature-controlled shipping containers and ships are costly to maintain and run. Therefore, you will have to pay more for your goods than using a standard shipping container. Reefer ships are used for transporting refrigerated containers only. Reefer shipping containers come in different sizes, and depending on the weight and dimensions of your goods; the most suitable one is used.

Reefers - In The Field

They’re easy to load and unload. Goods shipped using a reefer shipping container can be below or above the freezing point. Some reefer shipping containers are equipped with hook rails that can hold a certain amount of weight and are mainly used for transporting meat and other goods that need to be hanged. Reefer shipping containers moved by roads are equipped with a generator to keep them running. Reefer ships have a power supply and backup generators that supply reefer shipping containers on board with the right amount of power. Perishable goods such as flowers are transported using high cube reefer shipping containers.

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