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Who’s a shipper?

Also known as the consignor, this is a person or company that owns or is responsible for the goods being shipped. A shipper looks for a professional logistics company to transport their goods from one location to another. The shipper is responsible for preparing their load for transport, and they also bear the shipping cost. When transporting a car, for example, they should ensure it has no personal items and is clean during the transport date so that the inspection process is easy. When the carrier arrives, the shipper should be present to inspect the load with them and sign the BOL form.

Shipper - In The Field

It’s the responsibility of a shipper to read and understand the terms and conditions on the BOL form before they sign it. In case there’s a clause that’s not clear, they should ask about it before signing. A shipper can transport single or multiple loads per trip. They can also act as the receiver if they’re using a different mode of transport to the drop-off location. For example, a shipper may hand their car to the carrier and travel using air for their car to find them at their new residence.

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