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Nationwide Transport Services is a professional shipping services provider in Canada. We’re experienced, reliable, and fully insured. Call us today for a free estimate. 

Cross-Country Shipping Services You Can Rely On in Canada


Nationwide Transport Services offers transportation services across every city in Canada. With over a decade of experience, we have our foot in the day and will ensure your load is delivered safely and on time. We have a wide array state of the art trailers, such as flatbeds, RGNs, step decks, and lowboys, spread across Canada to help us serve you efficiently. We have a team of qualified specialists ready to process your shipping request. They will identify a suitable trailer for transport based on the weight and dimensions of your load, acquire paperwork, and dispatch your load on time. We’re familiar with legal load limits across every province in Canada, and we always adhere to them to avoid hefty fines from the department of transportation. Therefore, if your load is oversize or overweight, we will acquire the relevant permits to accompany it.

Below are common shipping services we offer to and from Canada. 


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Fully Insured Transportation Services in Canada


Our transportation services in Canada are door to door, terminal to terminal, port to port, business to business, port to business, and business to the port. Regardless of the weight, dimensions, or shape, we will move. In addition, we will fully insure your load to protect it from the damages that could happen during transit. Canada is well known for its winter, which makes highways hard to navigate due to the slippery surfaces. Therefore, we don’t take chances because we understand your load is valuable. Our team of professionals will take care of your shipment during the loading and unloading process to ensure it’s safe. Loads such as shipping containers and inoperable heavy equipment are loaded using cranes and well-secured for transport. Before any load is loaded on a suitable trailer, it’s inspected, and a bill of lading form is filled out. That form is later used at the delivery location to confirm if it’s delivered in a similar condition. If your load doesn’t match the information on the bill of lading form, you can claim compensation directly from our insurance company.

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Safe and Timely Trucking Services in Canada

To prepare your load for transport, clean it for easy visibility while filling out a bill of lading form and remove personal belongings because it damaged or lost, we’re not to be held accountable. Our shipping services in Canada are affordable, and we offer free and accurate estimates. To make a booking, you can call, email, or fill out the short form on our website. If you are transporting a load to and from the United States, we will use the most convenient border crossing and pay the customs and inspection fees. The cost of transport in Canada changes from one shipment to another. It depends on weight, dimensions, route, distance, and season, among other factors. For example, the transport cost during winter is slightly higher due to the high risk and poor road conditions. If you’d like your load delivered on short notice, we offer expedited shipping services across Canada at an extra cost. We accept different modes of payment, including PayPal, credit cards, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, and cryptocurrency. We have a team of professional drivers familiar with the most suitable routes depending on the pick-up and drop-off locations. For reliable shipping services in Canada, call us today for a free estimate.