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Reliable Flatbed Trailer Shipping Services in Alaska

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Transportation of loads to and from Alaska can be hectic when you don’t work with a professional and experienced company like Nationwide Transport Services. We have a wide range of flatbed trucks to accommodate loads of different sizes and weights. Among them are the 20ft, 40ft, 48ft, and 53ft. The size of the flatbed trailer used highly depends on the weight and dimensions of a load, among other factors. Each of these flatbed trailers can accommodate loads of different weights and sizes. Therefore using the most suitable is key to avoiding inconveniences. If a load exceeds the limit of a flatbed trailer, there’s a high risk of delay from the trailer breaking down. Always provide accurate information about your load to help us choose the best flatbed trailer to meet your transport needs.


Affordable Flatbed Trailer Shipping Services in Alaska

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When shipping loads on a flatbed trailer, we ensure they’re fully insured against any damages. Accidents happen during transport, and the best way to ensure you don’t incur any damage fees is by fully insuring your heavy load. Your name is added to a copy of the insurance, and you can confirm with the insurer whether your load is fully insured against damages. Nationwide Transport Services is trustworthy, and we shall take care of your load until it’s delivered safely. If your load can’t be driven onto a trailer, we shall provide a crane operator and rigger crew to load and secure it for transport. Always remove personal items before transport because you won't be compensated if they’re lost or damaged. In addition, ensure your equipment or heavy load is clean to help you fill out accurate information on the bill of lading form. That form is vital at the delivery location because it helps us confirm if your load is delivered safely. We provide top quality flatbed trailer shipping services in Alaska.


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Safely Transporting Heavy Loads, Equipment, and Large Vehicles on Flatbed Trailers

Affordable Flatbed Trailer Shipping Quotes in Alaska

The cost of shipping a load on a flatbed trailer in Alaska depends on the weight, size, number of miles, and season. Flatbed trailer shipping services in Alaska are more expensive during peak seasons due to high demand. In addition, the more miles, the more you will pay due to high fuel consumption. We offer expedited flatbed trailer transport services to and from Alaska at an additional cost. That means your load is transported within the short time frame. We guarantee quality flatbed trailer shipping services in Alaska all year round. For flatbed trailer hauling services in Alaska, contact us today through our toll-free number at (877) 278-3135.

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