Flatbed Trucking Services in Montana
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Flatbeds are some of the most versatile trailers in the trucking industry. They're easy to load and unload hevay equipment, machinery, and containers.

Convenient Flatbed Shipping Services in Montana


Nationwide Transport Services is the best flatbed trucking services provider in Montana. We safely transport heavy equipment, machinery, freight, and other loads on flatbed trailers. With over a decade of experience, we’re familiar with the flatbed trailers to use depending on the weight and dimensions of a load. Booking our services can be done by filling out the form on our website, calling, or emailing. One of our professional specialists will get back to you shortly. It’s advisable to ensure you have the correct dimensions and weight of your load to help us provide you with an accurate shipping estimate. When shipping oversize and overweight loads, we acquire permits on your behalf to ensure the process is smooth without fines. Whether you’re shipping a load within Montana or other states, we’re familiar with the regulations of all DOTs and will ensure your shipment adheres to each of them. 


Montana Flatbed Transport Services You Can Trust

let us transport your oversize or overweight load on the right flatbed trailer

The first step in stress-free shipping loads on flatbed trailers is ensuring the shipment is fully insured. We will insure your shipment and make you a holder of a copy of our insurance. Then, if anything happens to your shipment, you can claim compensation directly from the insurance company. The best way to know if each shipment is delivered in the condition it was in before transport is by filling out a bill of lading form. We use that form at the delivery location to compare the state of the load with the details filled out at the pick up location. Always ensure your heavy equipment or machinery is fully visible to help us fill out the right information on the bill of lading form. That also comes in handy at the delivery location because it’s easy to identify if the load has new dents that weren’t there before.


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Affordable and Safe Flatbed Trucking Services in Montana

Flatbed Trucking Services in Montana

The cost of transporting loads on a flatbed trailer in Montana depends on the weight, dimensions, mode of transport, time of the year, number, and other factors. Oversized and overweight loads require more flatbed specialized trailers to accommodate their weight and dimensions for safe transport. With us, you only get to work with one specialist you can call anytime. They will help acquire relevant paperwork for the transportation of your load and ensure it’s delivered safely and on time. Call us now to transport any load on a flatbed trailer in Montana! (877) 278-3135.

Other Trailer Transport Services We Offer in Montana

At Nationwide Transport Services, each of our divisions is committed to delivering stellar service that sets an industry standard. Our heavy-haul service specialists are no exception. We're proud of our flexibility, and that quality lets us have open conversations with our clients about their needs. When you make a special request, we can adjust our standard and digital procedures to meet those specifications. 

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Nationwide Transport Services offers flatbed trucking services to and from every city in Montana. We're familiar with the best routes to use in different cities to ensure your load is delivered on time. Common cities we serve include;

Billings, MT; Missoula, MT; Great Falls, MT; Bozeman, MT; Butte, MT; Helena, MT; Kalispell, MT; Havre, MT; Anaconda, MT; Miles City, MT; Helena Valley Southeast, MT; Whitefish, MT; Livingston, MT; Evergreen, MT; Lockwood, MT; Laurel, MT; Sidney, MT; Lewistown, MT; Orchard Homes, MT; Columbia Falls, MT; Polson, MT; Hamilton, MT; Bigfork, MT; Four Corners, MT; Dillon, MT; Helena Valley Northwest, MT