Arizona Shipping Container Transport

Shipping containers should only be transported by an experinced company like Nationwide Transport Services. We're have the resources and knowledge of how to handle and transport shipping containers of all sizes and weights.

Transport a Shipping Container in Arizona with the Professionals


Nationwide Transport Services offers convenient container transport services in Arizona. We're here to do it whether you’re shipping single or multiple containers. We have state-of-the-art trailers, cranes, forklifts, and other resources to help us serve you well. We have professional drivers, crane operators, rigger crew, and specialists ready to ensure your shipping container is delivered to a destination of your choice. In addition, we will ensure your shipping container is fully insured before transport so that you can be compensated if there’s an accident. To confirm if your shipping container is delivered safely, we use the bill of lading form filled out at the pick-up location. Our services are port to port, business to port, port to business, terminal to terminal, and door to door.  Below are some of the ports we serve in Arizona. 

  • Port of Tucson
Loading 20 ft container

Safe and Convenient Container Shipping Services in Arizona


We're here to do it if you want to transport a shipping container from other states to Arizona or vice versa. Once you contact us through a call, email, or website, a specialist will be ready to take your booking. They will acquire the paperwork for transport and permits if necessary and update you often to know the progress of your shipment. When you contact us, ensure you have enough information about your shipping container to help us provide you with an accurate shipping estimate. Some of that information includes size, weight, the number of miles, pick up, and drop-off location. In addition, we have a team of experienced drivers and professionals, such as rigger crew and crane operators, to help us safely load and unload your shipping container. To transport single or multiple shipping containers in Arizona, contact us at (877) 278-3135. 


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Convenient routes we use when shipping containers in Arizona

Safe and Timely Container Shipping Services in Arizona

Arizona has an evenly distributed economy cutting across many activities. However, the government, healthcare, trade, transportation, and utilities employ most of the state's residents. Despite the state's richness in diversity, it's still below the nation's median household income as it stands at $50,448. A fair share of the state's population has indulged in agricultural production, where crops such as spinach and watermelon are grown. The need for machinery and chemical transportation within the state is therefore in high demand. We have been in this venture for years and are well-equipped with the best interstate highways to ensure easy movement. They include;

  • Interstate 8: it replaces SR 84 and US 80 to interconnect the California state line to I-10 in Casa Grande
  • Interstate 15: it's almost 30 miles long, traversing through the Nevada state line to the Utah state line
  • Interstate 40: which replaced US 89 and US 66 to connect the California state line and the New Mexico state line
  • Interstate 510: linking Phoenix and Buckeye Road in Phoenix