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Nationwide Transport Services transports single or multiple shipping containers to and from Hawaii safely. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Convenient Container Shipping Services in Hawaii


Nationwide Transport Services is the best container moving company in Hawaii. We’ve been offering shipping container transport services to and from Hawaii for over a decade. We’re reliable and equipped with all resources to make our shipping container transport services efficient. With over a decade of experience, we know how to handle shipping containers of all sizes, shapes, and weights to ensure they’re delivered safely. You can book our services through a call, email, or fill out the form on our website. Our container moving services in Hawaii are door to door, terminal to terminal, port to port, port to business, business to port, and business to business. Below are common ports we serve in Hawaii. 

  • Port of Honolulu
  • Port of Kailua Kona
Loading 20 ft container

Fully Insured Container Transport Services in Hawaii


When you book our services, we ensure your shipping container is fully insured before it’s loaded on a suitable flatbed trailer. The cost of shipping a container to or from Hawaii depends on the size, weight, distance, and season among other factors. We use cranes to load and unload all cranes to ensure they’re safe. A bill of lading form is filled out to document the condition of a container before transport and later used at the final destination to confirm if it was delivered safely. For safe and timely container shipping services, call us today and get a free quote. (877) 278-3135. 


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Convenient routes we use when shipping containers in Hawaii

Timely Container Transportation Services in Hawaii

Hawaii's excellent economy can be traced to the 19th century, 1840. It benefitted mainly from sugarcane production, which American missionary families steered. Today, the state profits from producing tropical fruits such as pineapple, sugarcane, whaling, sandalwood, tourism, and the military. Exports from the island entail food and clothing. However, the distance to the main markets sets the trade back a few steps. The significant foods aside from the above include honey, nuts, coffee, livestock, and macadamia. Accessing Hawaii, especially when shipping cargo or equipment, requires prowess and using the best highways upon arrival. They include;

  • H-1: covering more than 27 miles from Route 93 in Kapolei to Route 72 in Honolulu
  • H-2: it serves as the link between H-1 in Pearl City and Route 99 in Wahiawa
  • H-3: traversing through H-1/ H-201 in Halawa to Marine Corps Base Hawaii
  • H-201: which is the intermediary between H-1 in Halawa and H-1 in Honolulu