Illinois Shipping Container Transport

We will transport your shipping container and ensure it’s delivered safely and on time. Contact us with details about your container shipment and get a free quote.

Shipping Container Moving Services You Can Rely On in Illinois


Nationwide Transport Services is the best shipping container moving services in Illinois. We transport shipping containers of all sizes and weights. Whether empty, half-empty, or full, we will move it. We will transport your shipping container and ensure it’s delivered safely and on time. Your shipping request will be handled by a professional specialist who will handle the paperwork and identify the best trailers for transport. Our shipping container transport services are door to door, port to port, port to business, business to business, and terminal to terminal. Below are some of the ports we serve in Illinois. 

  • Port of Chicago
  • Port of Quincy
  • Port of Lemont
  • Port of Rock Island
  • Port of Joliet
  • Port of Davenport
  • Port of Peoria
  • Port of Granite City
  • Port of Beardstown
Loading 20 ft container

Fully Insured Container Shipping Services in Illinois


When transporting a shipping container, fully insuring it is essential. That’s because you’re guaranteed total compensation if it doesn’t arrive safely. A bill of lading form showing the condition of the container before transport is filled out. We have enough resources to transport more than one shipping container at a time. Our shipping container moving costs in Illinois are affordable without hidden charges. We offer expedited container transport services to and from Illinois at an extra cost. To transport shipping containers to or from Illinois, call us now! (877) 278-3135. 


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Convenient routes we use when shipping containers in Illinois

Timely Container Transportation Services in Illinois

Illinois has a great future in matters of employment and wages. Predictably, it will have a $15 hourly income by 2025, making it the highest-paid state nationally. The state is reputable for its mega production within the agricultural and manufacturing sector. Over the past years, it has held either the first or second position in producing soybeans and corn. Subsequently, it also leads in meat processing and food manufacturing. Cargo transportation is always ongoing, and thus the use of the most efficient routes is mandatory. We use;

  • Interstate 24: connecting between I-57 in Williams on County and I-24 at Metropolis.
  • Interstate 39: it’s the link between Normal and South Beloit
  • Interstate 55: running from East St. Louis to Chicago
  • Interstate 88: standing at over 140 miles, it joins Silvis to Hillside
  • Interstate 90: connecting I-39/I-90 in South Beloit to Chicago
  • Interstate 94: connecting Russel to Lansing