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Professional Shipping Container Moving Services in Iowa

Overseas transport for shipping containers, cars, heavy equipment and more.

Transportation of shipping containers in Iowa and other parts of the country needs to be handled by a professional, licensed, and fully insured company like Nationwide Transport Services. We’re familiar with the terminals in ports and routes leading to and from different parts of the city. Our team is always ready to process your shipping container transport request and suggest the best trailer for its weight and dimensions. We’re known for transporting all types of shipping containers safely. Whether empty or loaded with goods, we will load it on a trailer using a crane and take it anywhere across the state, country, or internationally. Always ensure you know the type of container, weight, size, distance, pick-up and drop-off dates, and locations before you contact us. That will help us recommend the most suitable trailer for transport and make a plan that will fit your timeline. Below are some of the ports we serve in Iowa.

  • Port of Dubuque
  • Port of Burlington
Loading 20 ft container

Affordable and Timely Container Transport Services in Iowa

Transporting shipping containers across Iowa

Nationwide Transport Services guarantees the safe and timely delivery of containers. We will make it happen whether you want it picked up or delivered in remote or urban areas. We have a rigger crew that helps crane operators load and unload your shipping container safely. Shipping containers are delicate, and slight manhandling will damage not only the container but also the goods inside. Our cost is affordable without any hidden fees. It depends on the weight, dimensions, distance, season, and location, among other factors. We're the most suitable company whether you want your shipping container moved from port to business, business to business, or any other location. Contact Nationwide Transport Services today for timely and safe container moving services to and from Iowa at (877) 278-3135.


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Shipping Container Transport Services You Can Rely On

Here Is Some History About Iowa and the Most Common Routes We Use

Iowa is recognized as one of the top states in business due to its diversity in manufacturing, finance, biotechnology, and insurance services. The state is served by several railroads, airports, and ports for easy transportation of goods. When transporting containers in Iowa, below are common routes we use;

  • Interstate 29: which is a north-to-south highway running from Missouri through Hamburg
  • Interstate 35: which is a north-to-south highway running from Laredo, Texas, to Duluth, Minnesota
  • Interstate 80: which travels from west to east through Iowa. It runs from Nebraska to Illinois
  • Interstate 380: which is an auxiliary interstate highway traveling from I-80 near Iowa City

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