Maine Shipping Container Transport

Our shipping container transport services in Maine are fully insured. We offer free and accurate shipping estimates. Call us for a free estimate.

Convenient Container Shipping Services in Maine


Nationwide Transport Services is a convenient shipping container transport services provider in Maine. We transport shipping containers of all sizes and weights. Whether single or multiple, we will ship them. Our shipping container moving services in Maine are fully insured. In addition, your name is added to a copy of our insurance coverage. If anything were to happen to your shipping container while under our care, you can go directly to the insurance company and claim full compensation. Our shipping container transport services in Maine are door to door, terminal to terminal, port to port, port to business, business to business, and business to port. Below are common ports we serve in Maine. 

  • Port of Portland
  • Port of Searsport
  • Port of Eastport
Loading 20 ft container

Affordable and Safe Container Moving Services in Maine


When you book our shipping container transport services in Maine, we assign your shipment to a specialist who will acquire relevant transport paperwork and identify a suitable trailer for transport. The cost of transporting shipping containers to and from Maine varies from one shipment to another. In addition, we offer expedited container shipping services in Maine at an additional cost. Our drivers are professionals who ensure every shipping container is delivered safely and on time. We ensure there’s a team of crane operators and rigger crew at both the pick-up and drop-off locations to help load and unload a shipping container safely. To transport a shipping container to and from Maine on time, give us a call today.  (877) 278-3135. 


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Convenient routes we use when shipping containers in Maine

Timely Container Transportation Services in Maine

Maine is rising steadily in per capita personal income and in unemployment reduction. It has a robust agricultural background with extensive production in cattle, dairy products, poultry, eggs, maple syrup, and apples. There is also indulgence in fishing. Maine's industries involve lumber, paper, foods, biotechnology, leather products, and electronic equipment. Many companies have headquarters here, such as Fairchild Semiconductor. Additionally, recreational facilities and other touring areas attract many explorers throughout the year. Transportation is necessary for Maine, and only the best choice of highways proves efficient. For example;

  • Interstate 95: starting at Portsmouth, NH, to Route 95 in Woodstock, NB, covering a total of 303.2 miles
  • Interstate 395: connecting I-95 TO US 1A
  • Interstate 195: it's the link between I-95 and SR 5, which was formed in 1982