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Professional Container Moving Services in Maryland

Overseas transport for shipping containers, cars, heavy equipment and more.

Nationwide Transport Services is the professional you need to contact anytime you want to transport a shipping container to or from Maryland. We’re experienced, licensed, and fully insured, and we have modern resources to ensure every shipment is successful. Once you provide us with the size, weight, and number of shipping containers you want to transport, our specialist can identify the most suitable trailer for transport. Our services are port to port, business to business to business to port, port to business, and every other location of your choice. We fully insure every shipment and add our clients to our insurance cover. With this copy, they can claim compensation directly from the insurance company if their shipment doesn’t arrive safely. You can book our services through a call, email, or fill out the form on our website. Below are some of the ports we serve: 

  • Port of Baltimore
Loading 20 ft container

Safe and Timely Container Transport Services in Maryland

Transporting shipping containers across Maryland

Every shipment is processed by a professional whom you can contact at any time of the day for updates. They choose the trailer, plan the loading and unloading, apply for shipping permits if needed, brief the rigger crew and crane operator and coordinate every aspect of the shipment until it’s safely deprived. The cost of shipping containers in Maryland depends on the distance, weight, size, weight, number, and season among other factors. Full shipping containers are heavier and require more manpower and resources than empty. In addition, fully insuring them will cost more. Therefore, you will pay more. Our shipping quotes are free and accurate. To transport a shipping container to or from Maryland, contact us today at (877) 278-3135.


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Shipping Container Transport Services You Can Rely On

Convenient Shipping Container Trucking Services in Maryland

Maryland is one of the most economically capable states in the country. Its households are among the wealthiest and have a minimal poverty level. The proximity to Washington D.C plays a mega role in why Maryland fairs so well economically. An excellent chain of activities is found within the state, such as shipping. In our day-to-day operations, we have identified a precise array of shipping routes. They are;

  • Interstate 95: Maryland's longest primary interstate highway, cutting across 110.01 miles.
  • Interstate 81: abbreviated as I-81, is the shortest interstate primary highway in Maryland, running at 12.08 miles only.
  • Interstate 97: is the shortest intrastate interstate covering 17.62 miles and the only primary highway in Maryland that does not extend outside its county. In addition, I-97 does not connect with any other primary interstate.

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