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Nationwide Transport Services uses flatbed trailers of different sizes to haul shipping containers of all sizes. We load and unload loaded and empty shipping containers using cranes.

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Shipping container transport services you can rely on in North Carolina.

Nationwide Transport Services is one of the country's most trustworthy shipping container transport companies. With over a decade of experience, we know the most suitable trailer to transport your shipping container regardless of weight and size. Shipping containers require more resources during transport. Therefore, make a booking early to give us enough time to put together all the required resources. A crane will be required at both the pick-up and final destination to load and unload easily. In addition, a rigger crew must be present to guide the crane operator. To make a booking at any time of the year, email us, fill out the short form on our website, or call our toll-free number. One of our specialists will be in touch with you shortly. Among the ports we serve in North Carolina include: 

  • Port of Wilmington
  • Port of Morehead City
Loading 20 ft container

Fully Insured FLATBED Container TRANSPORT Services in North Carolina

Your shipping container will be handled with utmost professionalism during transport.

We pride ourselves in ensuring every shipping container transported to or from North Carolina is fully insured. Regardless of how short or long the distance is, we must fully insure your empty or full shipping container and add your name to the insurance cover. The copy we give you will help you confirm your shipping container is fully insured by calling the insurance company. In addition, every shipping container is inspected before loading it on a trailer, and a bill of lading form is filled out. That form is later used at the delivery location to help us confirm whether your shipping container has been delivered in good condition. Our drivers are professionals familiar with the best roads leading to different cities in North Carolina and nationwide. We're here to do it if you want your shipping container delivered to your business, port, residence, or elsewhere. Contact us today and book at (877) 278-3135.


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Timely Shipping Container Moving Services In North Carolina

Routes Commonly Used When Transporting Shipping Containers in North Carolina

CNBC recently ranked North Carolina as one of the strongest state economies in the United States. It is among the best states in the United States for aspiring families, youngsters, and retirees to nature their wealth. The majority of industries in North Carolina revolve around healthcare and social assistance. Shipping in the state is among the other significant activities, with ports Wilmington and Morehead steering this venture. We use the most reliable routes to pick up and deliver shipments for our clients. Our highways of choice include;

  • Interstate 26: runs 53.67 miles from the Tennessee state line to the South Carolina state line. 
  • Interstate 40: starts at the Tennessee state line to US117/NS 132, Wilmington.
  • Interstate 74: covering 69.61 miles from the Virginia state line at I-77 to US74/NC 41 next to Lumberton.
  • Interstate 85: cuts across the South Carolina state line to the Virginia state line.



Nationwide Transport Services is a reliable and convenient flatbed transport company in North Carolina. We’re licensed, bonded, and fully insured. Our team is made up of experienced specialists with knowledge of how to handle loads of all sizes and weights. Once you book our services, we assign your shipping request to a dedicated specialist who will acquire the shipping documents and dispatch it on the agreed date. We mainly use the 20ft, 40ft, 48ft, and 53ft flatbed trailers, depending on the weight and dimensions of your load. Our flatbed shipping services in North Carolina are door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal, business-to-business, port-to-port, and port-to-business. We’re the right company for your flatbed shipping needs. 

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