Air Cargo

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Air Cargo Definition

Air cargo is any commodity transported in an aircraft. It’s shipped through a passenger aircraft, cargo aircraft, or combi aircraft. Air cargo cost depends on the commodity's actual weight or volumetric weight.  However, the larger the commodity, the less per kilo. For example, if you pay $2 per kilo to transport a package of 50 kilos, you will pay $1.75 to transport a commodity of 120 kilos. 

Air Cargo Costs and Requirements

Air cargo cost is also influenced by fuel surcharge, ex-works, door delivery, documentation fees, insurance, airline terminal fees, airline security, customs entry, custom duties, and taxes. You can track your commodity using the waybill number given after you’ve paid for the commodity. Air cargo is mainly time-sensitive commodities such as flowers and letters. Air cargo transport is expensive because it’s fast and efficient.

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