Embargo Meaning

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What’s Embargo ?

The embargo is when shipping companies stop accepting transport requests. That can be in a specific product type or geographic area. During the embargo, you can’t schedule a pick-up for days, weeks, or months. Embargo causes an increase in transport rates because many shippers fight for the few available spots. Embargoes take place when carriers are overwhelmed and don’t have enough resources to meet all the shipping requests at the time. 

Embargoes can’t be avoided since unpredictable circumstances cause them. However, you can always schedule your shipment early enough so that if an embargo takes place, you already have a spot. Using a reputable transport company like Nationwide Transport Services might be helpful because they have modern state-of-the-art resources across the country to serve different clients simultaneously. For example, if your shipment is LTL, you can opt to transport it with other loads headed in the same direction instead of waiting for an empty trailer. Changing your shipping route might also help because there could be available carriers along that route.

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