Forced Dispatch

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Forced Dispatch Definition

Forced dispatch means that according to the company the driver works for, they must take the dispatched load regardless of whether the driver can't take it on for whatever reason.

This issue has been ongoing for years, and many movements have attempted to dissolve it.

FMSCA Take on Forced Dispatch

The Federal Motor Car Safety Administration (FMSCA) has taken steps to ensure truckers are protected from forced dispatch. 

It is now unlawful to coerce a driver to drive against their will. 

A driver may refuse to take on a dispatch because: 

  • They are ill. 
  • Mechanical issues. 
  • Conflict with service hour regulations. 
  • The driver is simply tired. 
  • And more. 

Whatever the reason, any company found guilty of coercing a driver into forced dispatch, high fines are imposed, and the company risks losing its operating authority.

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