Long Haul

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What’s the meaning of Long Haul?

Long haul trucking refers to trucking where drivers must spend a night from their homes as the transportation can’t be completed within the day. Drivers spend their nights either in the motel or the cab of their truck. This type of transportation is often when drivers are moving across states. However, not all long hauls are as tedious. Some only stretch up to a single night, while others require the driver to be in their driver’s seat longer. For longer trips, its advised that a driver have a companionship to ensure they deliver the cargo at the required destination on time by taking shifts in driving. It's demanding for truckers to engage in long haul shipping as it demands a particular type of lifestyle.

Legal Requirements for Long Haul

The question of the amount that long haul drivers make is inevitable. Throughout the year, they make a decent wage that lies between 57,000 dollars and 79,000 dollars. This depends mostly on the company, hours spent, and the type of driving. A pro tip is that freelance drivers make a ton more in earnings. As a driver, the type of trucking you choose should be influenced by the expenses you are willing to incur, your salary goals, and the amount of time you can comfortably spend away from home. Legal requirements for long-haul truckers include normal blood pressure, a minimum of twenty years of age, and a pass in the physical examinations typically paid for by the employer.

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