Lift On Lift Off (LO-LO)

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What’s Lift On Lift Off (LO-LO) ?

Lo-Lo transport services refer to vessels, cargo ships in particular, that have onboard cranes to aid loading and unloading cargo. In this shipping mode, various terms are advisable for one to understand. First is Lo-Lo cargo which refers to containerized items that can't fit in Ro-Ro ships due to their large sizes. The second term is a Lo-Lo operation, when the crane loads and discharges cargo over the ship's top. In addition to the above, Lo-Lo transportation has several distinct features that increase its efficiency. For instance, they have flexible cargo space, allowing large boats to be shipped easily. Moreover, they have a larger container capacity space than Ro-Ro ships which ensures transportation of more oversized cargo, and finally, they have onboard cranes.

Types of Lift On Lift Off (LO-LO)

There are three types of cranes used in LoLo shipping. Jib cranes are used on modern ships. They rotate up to 360 degrees hence increased efficiency, and can incorporate a second jib where one is inadequate. Derrick cranes are motor driven and used to hoist the cargo. The last type of crane is the gantry with extensions that hook and grab cargo. They are reliable in lifting heavy cargo. LoLo ships have many advantages. They are much more economical than RORO ships as they use their onboard cranes to lift on and lift off cargo instead of driving it onto the vessel. They are therefore more eco-friendly. The Lolo transport option also accommodates more containers as the ships here have larger space.

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