Escort Service

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When Are Escort Services Needed?

Escort service is the use of a pilot car to guide trucks shipping oversized, over-dimensional, wide, or overweight loads from one location to another. Pilot vehicles are driven by professional specialists trained to help move loads of this kind across cities, states, and the country. They ensure the roads are safe for other motorists, roadways, and the load. Escort services help minimize delay and manage traffic flow. Due to the size of the load, drivers are unable to see oncoming traffic, which makes it hard for them to turn. With pilot cars, they’re directed when and where to turn. 

How Many Escort Cars Are Needed in Escort Services?

The number of escort cars used depends on the weight and size of the load. Sometimes two pilot cars are used to coordinate the shipment from all angles. They help warn drivers about obstacles, traffic, accidents, and other interferences. For example, when shipping a wide load, escort cars inform the driver of the truck when to switch lanes while maintaining the safety of other drivers. 

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