Hazardous Materials

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What are Hazardous Materials?

Hazardous materials are substances that are poisonous, radioactive, toxic, explosive, or flammable that can cause death or injury from exposure. In addition, these substances pose a risk to health, the environment, safety, and property during transport. Examples of hazardous materials include fuel, gas, corrosives, flammable solids, flammable liquids, some contents of first aid kits, genetically modified organisms, and micro-organisms, infectious substances, among others. Hazardous materials are transported using trucks, ships, barges, planes, and railcars. 

How to Handle Hazardous Materials

When handling hazardous materials, proper protective clothing and equipment are necessary to avoid any exposure or contamination because the effects can be deadly. If hazardous materials are exposed to the environment and people, the area needs to be isolated, and entry denied to reduce exposure. Hazardous materials should only be handled by trained professionals and disposed of the right way.

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