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Shipping quotes are an estimate given by a logistics company showing how much it will cost you to transport a load from point A to B. Shipping quotes vary from one shipment to another, depending on your shipment. Factors affecting shipping quotes include distance, mode of transport, weather, size and type of load, location, and route. If you use enclosed transport for example, your shipping quote will be higher than that of open air transport. That’s because your cargo is protected from elements such as dust, fast flying rocks, snow and debris among others.

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The more the miles, the more you will have to pay. For example, transporting a classic, custom, or luxurious vehicles will increase your shipping quote because they need a more expensive insurance cover. That’s to ensure they can be fully compensated if anything happens to them. The transport company of your choice should offer you a free and all inclusive shipping quote. Unless you request for additional services, you should only pay once and wait for your goods. Then, you can either choose to pay your shipping quote at the pick up or delivery location.

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