Team Driver Transport

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What’s team driver transport?

Team driver transport means that a truck has more than one driver, and they take turns in driving it. Truck drivers are only allowed to drive for 11 hours after having 10 hours off duty to rest. That means if a truck is only operated by one driver, they have to rest at some point. When you use team driver transport, one driver will be driving while the other rests. That means the loads are delivered faster. Team driver transport is more expensive than regular one driver transport. That’s because the cargo is delivered sooner.

Team Driver Transport - In The Field

Expedited services across the country are mainly assigned to team drivers so that the owners can get their loads quicker. If you need team driver transport, it’s essential to book early to get a spot. Team driver transport is usually on demand because most clients want their loads delivered quickly. Team drivers are available in both open and enclosed modes of transport. Solo drivers can only travel 500 miles per day, but team drivers can travel double that or even more if they’re more than two.

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