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What does tracking mean?

Tracking means monitoring the location of your goods while on transit. This is a good way of knowing where your load is at all times until it's delivered. It helps you arrange your schedule so that you’re present during delivery and you also get peace of mind. In addition, tracking your load is reliable because you don’t have to call the carrier any time you need updates. With tracking, you’re convinced because you might doubt the carrier's updates via calls.

Tracking - In The Field

Most logistic companies have tracking systems where you can see the progress. However, it’s always good to confirm before booking your shipment. If they do, ask for your tracking and get to check where your goods are whenever you like. Calling the carriers can be stressful because the driver’s aren’t allowed to pick calls on the road by (FMCSA) meaning you won’t always get a reply. You can see information such as road traffic, trip coverage, and parking through tracking. Tracking can either be through a GPS satellite that gives real time information or a passive GPS satellite that only stores information at certain periods.

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