Transport Status

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What does transport status mean?

Transport status is the position of your goods during transport. It can either be in transit, diverted, delivered, or delayed. If it’s in transit, it means that it's on its way to the final destination. Delayed means that some unforeseen events have occurred, making the delivery date or time to be postponed. Some of the unforeseen events in transport include heavy traffic, adverse weather, road work, accidents, and trailer breaking down. Diverted means that the carrier has changed the route while in transit. That could be due to many reasons. For example, if there’s heavy traffic or road work, the carrier might use another route to avoid wasting so much time on the road.

Transport Status - In The Field

Delivered means that you’ve received your load and signed the BOL form. That should be after inspecting the load and being satisfied with its condition. Transport status is updated often to ensure the client is aware of what’s happening at all times. That’s a good way of giving clients peace of mind as they wait for their load. It also makes communication easier because clients can get information without calling the transport company.

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