Ocean Freight

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Also known as sea freight, ocean freight is the transportation of goods through the sea. That’s the most common way of transporting goods across the world. Goods are loaded on shipping containers, then loaded on the vessel at the respective port and transported to the port nearest to the owner. This mode of transport applies to goods weighing more than 100kgs or multiple boxes that need to be shipped internationally.

Ocean Freight - In The Field

Ocean freight has four significant international commerce terms. These include ExWorks (EXW) which means the supplier ships the goods to the manufacturer or factory; cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF), which caters for transport to the buyer’s destination; Free on Board (FOB), which transports goods to the port in the country of the supplier and Delivery at Port (DAP) or Delivery and Duty, Unpaid (DDU) which means your goods are delivered to your warehouse or facility but excludes the cost of taxes and tariffs. Ocean freight can accommodate all sizes and weights of shipping containers, including reefer containers with perishable goods. Ships transporting reefer shipping containers are equipped with a power supply and backup generators to maintain the correct temperature throughout the journey.

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